List of Publications

Key publications:

Efficacy of Convalescent Plasma in Relation to Dose of Ebola Virus Antibodies (additional findings)
New England Journal of Medicine, November 2016

Evaluation of Convalescent Plasma for Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea (first study results)
New England Journal of Medicine, January 2016

Other publications:

Design and analysis considerations in the Ebola_Tx trial evaluating convalescent plasma in the treatment of Ebola virus disease in Guinea during the 2014–2015 outbreak
Clinical Trials: Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials, January 18, 2016

Multiple ethical review in North–South collaborative research: the experience of the Ebola-Tx trial in Guinea
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, January 25, 2016

Essentials of filoviral load quantification
Lancet Infectious Diseases, July 2016

Drug assessment in the Ebola virus disease epidemic in west Africa
Lancet Infectious Diseases, November 2015

The Use of Ebola Convalescent Plasma to Treat Ebola Virus Disease in Resource-Constrained Settings: A Perspective From the Field
Clinical Infectious Diseases, August 2015

Ebola: better protection needed for Guinean health-care workers
The Lancet, February 2015

Blood as medicine: social meanings of blood and the success of Ebola trials
The Lancet, January 2015


ASTMH 2015, Philadelphia, October 2015

The EU Research Response to the Ebola Crisis [PDF]
Cornelius Schmaltz (European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Brussels, Belgium)

Joining Forces with Industry: Vaccine Development [PDF]
Johan Van Hoof (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Beerse, Belgium)

Study Design Options for Therapeutic Trials – Ethics, Settings and Practicalities [PDF]
Peter Horby (Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom)

Trials of Convalescent Blood/Plasma  [PDF]
Johan van Griensven (Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium)

The JIKI Trial [PDF]
Daouda Sissoko (INSERM, Bordeaux, France)

Cooperation between Funders Benefits Research [PDF]
Penny Heaton (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA, United States)

The Way Forward: GIoPID-R [PDF]
Marc Ouallette (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Infection and Immunity, Quebec City, QC, Canada)


ECTMIH 2015, Basel, September 2015

Introduction  [PDF]
David Wood (World Health, Organization, Geneva, Switzerland)

The Ebola field reality for conducting clinical trials [PDF]
Annick Antierens (MSF, Brussels, Belgium)

Ethics of clinical trials in epidemic disasters [PDF]
Philippe Calain (Chair of WHO Ethics Working Group on EVD, Geneva, Switzerland)

Trials of convalescent plasma [PDF]
Johan van Griensven (Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium)

Trials of antivirals – ISARIC experience [PDF]
Peter Horby (Oxford University, United Kingdom)